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The Tiger's Apprentice - 2024

A young boy in San Francisco who meets a talking tiger named Mr. Hu and discovers he is the latest in a long line of guardians who protect an ancient phoenix from evil-doers.


2024-02-07 03:13:29
I have an idea for the sequel, and Loo comes back from the Spirit realm to help defeat a deeper darker energy...She becomes a Supreme LIGHT Being
2024-02-09 10:57:23
I was always thinking someone needs to make a movie about zodiac signs and they did and I like it I especially like the fights scenes
2024-02-04 12:57:59
this is a good ideal of using the zodiac signs for some of the main characters
2024-02-11 12:03:49
That's the problem with grandparents they always tell Legends and things that happen in histories instead of actually telling them truth or they always wait until later until it's too late
2024-02-06 10:07:21
need more of these movieslove you long time.
2024-02-11 04:22:14
I love this movie I can't wait til part 2 because they was all surprised he turn into a tiger I really hope they make a part two good movie
2024-02-12 17:31:46
this was an excellent movie about the zodiac signs, I cannot believe they made a movie about this zodiac signs and it's really good too and very action and animated
2024-02-09 12:57:30
amazing wonderful family movie nothing to be concerned about kid friendly. love it. feel good happy ending