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The Tomorrow War - 2021

An ordinary family man named Dan Forester is recruited by time travelers from 30 years in the future to fight in a deadly war against aliens.


2023-03-19 04:07:01
COMPLETELY UNDERRATED! Awesome movie! This movie was produced with an extremely high budget with anticipation it would be a blockbuster! But then COVID hit and this masterpiece was sold to a television network instead for pennies on the dollar. Nonetheless and awesome film!
2023-02-12 15:44:34
I remain surprised but this diamond, this rare gem. 5th time through and it still keeps me on the edge of my seat. it has the feel of Armageddon, or The Matrix; a timeless classic already, something you watch every time you see it and enjoy every time. 2 up up
2022-09-04 09:27:21
this was a hell of a movie I'm glad I watched it I must see again and again and again
2022-10-09 19:18:29
The movie was great I wish there was a prequel to that how it all happened in the future
2023-05-11 12:06:40
time paradox he go's to the future helps makes a cure comes back and kills the bugs with the cure but if there was no bugs in the future how would he get a cure in the past!!!! mind blown or I'm thinking to hard
2022-09-21 09:36:22
7th time watching this movie since it came out. don't nit-pick it, just enjoy it as a whole.
2023-11-28 20:08:39
so does anyone know how Chris Pratt got to the movies , RAE Dawn Chong found hìm supposedly at Lahaina Broiler/ Bubba Gumps and the rest is just great acting . thanks Rae , he can be funny then like here good Drama " right place / right timing, makes the movie , Alo'ha C.V.
2023-06-24 12:16:15
absolutely fabulous movie!!! best movie I've seen in years...most movies leave me hanging, saying to myself "it could have been better "NOT THIS MOVIE. the cinematography, production and actors all hit there mark. Thank you for having a quality movie for me to enjoy