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The War - 1994

The child of a Vietnam War Veteran must handle the post-traumatic stress ailment whilst growing up from the south in the 1970's of his dad as well as neighborhood bullies.


2023-10-06 23:33:01
Been looking for this forever! It's not on any streaming platforms so I was soo happy to find it here, ty!! Beautiful movie, amazing music! I laughed, I cried, I got angry and so many memories of my own childhood came thru, just love it!!
2023-06-23 06:23:49
love the way the way the backwoods brothers all talk a few of those boys became some big names Elijah Woods became a pretty huge name for a minute. seen about 1/4 of this movie I'ma bout finish it off
2023-04-11 03:47:02
This movie never gets old. I have been trying to find it, I'm so glad you have it. Thank you
2023-02-07 16:25:22
such a classic always been one of my favorite movies
2023-01-29 03:21:30
my granny put me on this like in the early 2000s
2024-04-28 11:17:46
takes me back to a simpler time
2022-12-30 04:12:23
old skool movie
2023-07-13 02:48:44
great movie!