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Thor - 2011

Against his father Odin's will, The Mighty Thor - a warrior god - recklessly re-ignites an ancient warfare. Thor forced to live among humans since punishment and is throw right down to Earth. Here, Thor finds what is needed to be considered a protagonist as his world's villain sends the mysterious powers of Asgard to invade Earth.


2023-01-24 12:18:14
I'm sorry to say this but Thor is s gorgeous man
2023-08-11 11:42:13
I just love how people get on here and say stupid stuff. Everyone needs to mind their own business. Hell why be ugly to people you don't even know? It shows what kind of people are out there. JUST UGLY.
2023-04-22 13:37:25
Nobody's built a career out of playing a comic book character like Chris Hemsworth. The closest anyone else has come is Hugh Jackman.
2023-03-08 06:08:17
I like this app but way to many ads. I can understand you need to make money but come on. At least ease up on the pop up ads. They are every few minutes. I do love how many movies you have to choose from. Thank you.
2023-08-07 19:01:56
tbh I don't like thor in this movie because he's selfish, reckless, and arrogant.
2023-10-12 05:02:31
Eeerr...uuuUUMM...(well now), WHY IS " HANNIBAL LECTURE " ... king-o-a$$ garden ? Whuuzzit dude "KILTID" by TYLOR DURDEN ? Shoot. Whar's my copy-o-NATIONAL ENQUIRER ? ( Right ?)
2023-10-12 04:45:56
EERR...aahhmm...WEELL, I'm not actually " IMPRESSED " with da', quote A$$ GARDNER unquote, THO', so much. NOPE. I'm not WHATSOEVER. ( I also didn't vote WALTER MONDALE. FYI)
2023-04-23 10:15:42
not everyone is born with a silver spoon 🥄,!!