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Tombstone - 1993

Now a weary gunfighter, legendary marshal Wyatt Earp, joins his brothers Morgan and Virgil to pursue his own luck at the thriving mining town of Tombstone. However, Earp has been forced to overlook a badge when a bunch of rustlers and renegade brigands begins terrorizing the town and again receive support.


2023-06-25 10:07:36
this movie wasn't good, it wasn't even great. this movie was ferociously f*****g awesome!! and yes doc stole the show (at most he was my favorite). they all performed perfect.
2023-08-28 00:14:02
one of the greatest western movies ever made and it's part of my top three number one being the good the Bad and The Ugly and number two being two mules for Sister Sarah and number three Tombstone and my two honorable mentions The Magnificent Seven original and remake
2024-03-16 13:27:34
Each and every single one of these men, and Women Should have won an executive award,... an Oscar for their unrelenting performance,... and their great spot-on personification of each and every character in this write.
2023-10-20 02:49:54
the show...must go on...if I could xpress,techs,up up,only a miracle cures,radiation worry's,not all cool,expressed,IDENTIFICATIONS,perfect,and everything the best new age revolutions,and cover ups,shut ups,only the above,us,us...stuck,or playing secrets to secrets,the amazing mo
2023-02-07 11:53:30
l like them for playing the classic movies I have not seen this movie for over 21 years it's nice bring back memories
2023-02-26 04:05:20
best movie I've ever seen, love me some sexy law men
2023-11-10 21:50:26
Casting, script, and cinematography, obviously top-notch. The icing on the cake, though , is the cameon of Charlton Heston.
2023-11-06 19:58:52
I love tombstone, I can watch it over and over