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Tropic Thunder - 2008

Vietnam veteran'Four Leaf' Tayback's memoir, Tropic Thunder, will be forced into a film, however, Director Damien Cockburn can't control the throw of primadonnas. Underneath over budget and schedule, Cockburn is ordered with a studio executive for filming back track, or hazard its own cancellation. On the information of Tayback, the actors drop in to the center of the jungle into film the remaining scenes but, unbeknownst to production and the actors, the band have already now been dropped at the center of this Golden Triangle.


2022-09-21 10:45:40
This movie has me dying laughing every time!!!!
2023-03-09 12:32:32
hey is that bullheaded guy in the movie is he Tom Cruise it sounds like Tom Cruise
2024-04-03 10:19:35
they couldn't have done this movie now days. too many people would be butthurt and they would have tried to cancel Robert Downey. lmao great movie
2023-07-04 18:17:00
ilove this movie 🍿🎥 so funny everytime I see it. but he last part with Tom Cruise is so funny so watch him dance love it
2023-03-04 22:57:09
I love it
2023-03-09 12:31:28
hey this movie is just too funny it's so funny you forgot to laugh
2024-01-13 01:02:35
I think it's such a great role for Cruise because it's closest to his REAL SELF
2024-02-14 07:51:12
"Lance? What the fu.. did I just hear?" had me crying!