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Twilight - 2008

When Bella Swan proceeds to a little town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father, she meets the Edward Cullen. Despite the perennial warnings of Edward, Bella can't help but love him, if a coven of blood suckers make an effort to challenge the Cullen clan, a move that ignites her life.


2022-09-19 11:20:57
Bella gives me second hand embarrassment but still like to watch the movie for giggles 🤭
2022-12-11 08:10:20
OK I know I am only 10 but part 2 is good even tho it say bad words and bella's acting is great so don't mess with her acting like ugh but I love this movie and Bella and Edward look cute together hehe[0
2022-11-08 07:16:17
This is my favorite movie ever And it's hard finding this movie on like things that you can watch for free like that you don't have to pay for But this is my favorite movie in the world
2022-12-20 11:46:47
Well I see a lot of comments for Bella and Edward. I just have to say I like Jake better than the other 2. Maybe not in 5his first one but definitely after his haircut. Jake's the man.
2022-10-18 01:37:10
I don't see anything wrong with Bella's acting people are just haters love the movies
2022-09-13 11:20:26
this is the best app and the best movie I love it and thank you for making it
2022-09-22 05:00:59
worse movie series but I like to watch it just to make fun of Bella's acting
2022-10-15 23:56:00
it's a different kind of love story. it was in real life as well until he cheated, typical.. I do love watching it