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Underwater - 2020

After an earthquake destroys their underwater station, six investigators must navigate two kilometers over the dangerous depths of the sea floor to produce the journey to safety in a race against time.


2022-12-09 02:57:27
y'all need to CUT IT. RACISM don't MATTER. WE ALL DIE. FACTS!!!. How bout someone be THE BIGGER MAN... OR WOMAN. EMBRACE one another while you got the TIME!!! cuz Tomorrowb ain't PROMISED!!! & that's FOR ALL races. and YES, I'M BLACK.
2022-12-10 03:53:50
u people need to grow up this is not fb or social media for that smh its for mo ie comments grow plz white and black if it's not about the movie don't leave a comment iam black but iam not responding to Ignorants
2023-03-01 22:03:23
The movie was OK. That far down could have all types of species of creatures that can't live in shallow water. On the race comments, I'll play devils advocate. Death has no color when almost everyone dies in the end, BUT if the black man would've lived, it would be complaints.
2022-12-05 14:57:05
Theis movie was an initial disaster from the beginning when they killed off the ONLY black crew member given the movie a sense of RACIAL BIAS.
2023-12-07 11:17:55
Jesus man does racism really have to be forcefully inserted into every fucking ounce of existence. We try to read the comments to get a temp of the movie but instead we gotta get subjected to a politically correct tit for tat? c'mon people it's a movie for fucks sake
2023-06-18 09:45:01
come on people this is common knowledge that every movie we watch the black person always dies first you had a part you're not part of the main attraction we got to kill you off you can't just fade away but we're going to kill you off this is nothing new
2022-12-14 11:23:38
na na na . I have Tourett's syndrome and I'm half. lack and half white . f&@kn actors die the way the story is played out . blacks die first . get woke again ignorant fool
2022-12-12 08:59:18
Come on people what's all the talk about the colour let's just watch a movie!