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Upgrade - 2018

Grey T Race paralyzed at also his wife dead along with the hospital is left by A barbarous mugging. A billionaire inventor offers T-Race a cure -- an artificial intelligence augmentation called STEM that will boost the entire physique. In a position to walk, Grey finds that he also has super human agility and strength -- skills he uses to look for revenge against the thugs who destroyed his life.


2024-01-11 04:34:51
I've been putting this movie off for way to long I was always highly interested In watching it I am so glad I finally watched it Blumhouse Very Rarely Will let you down great Movie another win for Blumhouse
2023-10-25 00:32:55
awesome ass movie seen it a few times a finally decided to watch it I'm glad I did shit was good 👍👍
2024-02-21 15:38:53
awesome movie I can't believe It took many years to finally find this movie BlumHouse its the Shit 🤗Dont let us Don't and give us What we want we want Chucky Vs M3gan
2022-12-31 19:16:09
still awesome
2023-11-12 13:17:17
this movie was absolutely 💯 % incredible 👏 I mean wow sheer brilliant. would love an upgrade 2
2024-07-16 21:45:59
This Movie, "Upgrade" Shows The Potenial Of A.I. On A Scale Of 1-5, I Give This Movie 4½ Stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟½✅️ Welcome To Future‼️
2023-04-30 18:05:02
this is the kind of nightmare that people who still use flip fones have.
2024-06-14 04:46:30
This was one of those low budget movies that did not look or come across as low budget. This was a very good movie!! They should've advertised it way more than they did. I never even heard of it till one day, my daughter told me to watch it and I did and it didn't disappoint!!