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Watchmen - 2009

In a gritty and alternate 1985 once among the veterans is murdered, although a government crack down has attracted to a close the glory days of vigilantes, an investigation in to the killer has been initiated. The reunited heroes put out to prevent their own destruction, in this uncover a plot which sets humanity in grave danger all.


2022-11-19 15:44:32
a old boy was an ass like that nigga was crazy but I love the movie I don't even lie action drama so I'm going to give it
2023-11-19 20:04:23
The Incredibles Ripped Off This Plot and Yes Alan Moore's Watchmen comic debuted 2 decades before the Pixar animated film 1986 to be exactly
2024-01-27 14:33:07
the dark side of movies this is the best of DC dark dark star
2023-03-24 12:45:36
nice movie, might read the comic someday
2024-04-05 02:53:59
my favorite part of this movie is when those two watchmen kick the living shit out of those gang members! so damn awesome for sure!
2023-12-20 23:27:10
may someone give me with the titles of the songs of watchmen .
2024-04-05 02:23:22
I love this movie it's so awesome, lots of action and it's the director's cut! this is my second time watching it!
2023-12-20 20:01:35
what the name of all the songs on the watchmt movie