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Where's Rose - 2021

When a little girl is found after going missing, only her older brother recognizes the evil force that has returned in her place.


2024-04-26 11:17:19
I knew what was up when they found rose and he didn't come running
2024-04-26 11:15:13
guys a b- actor in my opinion I think he lost it after insidious 2
2022-09-20 06:42:25
good watch didn't see it coming. that always makes me happy
2024-04-26 11:16:22
this guy sucks now,or maybe it's just the director with him
2024-04-26 11:29:50
I think I'm not sure but I think it was his inner demon
2023-05-31 15:08:49
yeah pretty good,crazy didn't see that coming at all
2022-09-07 01:01:11
pretty good
2022-09-23 16:36:14
what a twist