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Wolves - 2014

Cayden Richards' Coming of Age Narrative. Forced to hit on the trail following the murder of his parents, Cayden gets lost without intention... Until he meets a certifiable lunatic named Wild Joe who places him on a way into the menacing town of Lupine Ridge to hunt down the truths of his own history. But in the long run | who is really looking for whom?


2023-05-03 14:41:56
pretty good movie.. Jason was sexy as always
2023-11-13 02:54:43
I saw this movie so many times
2023-09-08 17:54:12
love this movie. Jason is sexy even as a werewolf
2023-02-04 12:37:26
impressive movie wish I can find my pack
2023-07-17 18:34:24
. . ..m. mm. . . . m. m.m. m mm. please m m.
2024-01-28 14:04:57
jason was good and just as awesome
2023-09-06 09:15:13
best werewolf movie ive seen so far
2024-05-10 04:14:55
Best move ever