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You'll Never Find Me - 2024

Patrick, a strange and lonely resident, lives in a mobile home at the back of an isolated caravan park. After a violent thunderstorm erupts, a mysterious young woman appears at his door, seeking shelter from the weather. The longer the night wears on and the more the young woman discovers about Patrick, the more difficult she finds it to leave. Soon she begins to question Patrick’s intentions, while Patrick begins to question his own grip on reality...


2024-03-28 10:10:00
This movie you'll never find is rather slow but it picks up momentum as it goes on. I loved it!! It's the mind games that one plays when you're gut feeling is telling you something else. The tricks your mind plays. Loved the surprise twist at the end. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2024-03-26 09:55:21
I've always been alone. Sadly, I'm a lonebody,but I did finally meet my husband 🥰13 yrs ago now🤔♡
2024-03-28 08:23:26
eh... was a good phycological thriller... But I was getting a bit confused 🤔🤔🤔 I enjoyed it for the most part but the ending is empty and leaves me bewildered...
2024-03-27 11:52:55
It was just to slow moving & no thrilling parts did I see till the end but i almosr turned if off & never usually do that but this is just my own opinion.
2024-04-03 11:10:20
ok that movie was really straaaannnge. like hereditary was a weird ass movie. some of these writers producers directors...are some sick twisted ppl mentally. lol. I'm like fr.
2024-03-29 12:08:33
This movie is definitely a twist of a tail. The mind is a very strong thing to conjure up every single thing in your head. Wow, what a movie. Could it could have been a little bit better? But has you. Guessing the whole freaking time.
2024-03-27 08:53:14
slow movie ... made me mad @the girl tho . ... it was just ok... kinda a look into the mind when your thoughts eat at you.. lol a few parts I chuckle a bit
2024-04-04 14:00:16
all that slow talk from both fuck that shit talk to me regular I ain't trusting either 1 I ain't ever heard anyone communicate like that just dumb